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Best Electronic Key Cabinets For Every Type Of Business

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Key cabinets, or often referred to as key boxes or key storage, are a necessary part of every business. It provides security and peace of mind knowing that all your keys are in a safe place.

But with many different types available, how do you know which one will be the best electronic key cabinet for you?

That's where our reviews come in. We've compiled five electronic key cabinets that we believe to be the best fit for any industry out there. From sales to construction and infrastructure, these key storage options are worth considering!

Read on to learn more about each one and find out what makes them stand out from the rest.

5 Best Electronic Key Cabinets This 2021

Today, electronic key cabinets are being used in many different industries, and they are programmed to suit the needs of every business. They've become easier to use and more convenient when keeping track of all your keys.

For more information about the advantages of using a key management solution, check out our previous post about the many benefits of electronic key cabinets.

Now, to help you find what's best suited for your needs, here are the top electronic key cabinet models that we recommend.

Traka Key Cabinets

Traka Key Cabinets S Version

Best Key Cabinet For: Homes, offices, schools, garages, commercial spaces, and office blocks

Capacity: From 5 to 180 keys

Highlighted Features: Highly-secured key cabinet that can work standalone or be connected to a network for real-time tracking.

The Traka Key Cabinets are modern key storage devices that are made to increase accountability and reduce the risks of lost keys in your workplace.

Traka's key management system is so sophisticated that it can track who removes the keys, when they took them, and when they returned the keys to the cabinet. It has a full audit trail of everything happening which guarantees you don't have any unauthorized staff going in your cabinets to steal or tamper with keys at all.

Plus, it's conveniently designed to be mounted on a wall so that no matter where you want to keep it- at home or office setting - you'll have a fantastic storage solution.

The cabinet also offers a convenient way to save your keys without having the inconvenience of fishing through pockets. And if the key cabinet size isn't enough for you, there are four different sizes available so that it fits your business' needs.

Burton Safes KS Digital Key Cabinet

Burton Safes KS Digital Key Cabinet

Best Key Cabinet For: Car showrooms, garages, schools, universities, and large commercial sites

Capacity: From 27 to 133 keys

Highlighted Features: It is deeper than most key cabinets with various capacity options and electronic PIN code locking.

If you need to store large numbers of keys neatly and securely, then the Burton Safes KS Digital Key Cabinet is an ideal solution.

Constructed out of solid steel, the cabinets are durable with height adjustable key racks to suit any individual's storage needs -all with a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee as standard.

These key cabinets come with key tags, number labels, and a push-button, so you have more organization options than ever before! Additionally, the units have a 5mm steel door and 2mm steel body to make sure your keys stay where they are when not in use.

Rottner Keytronic Key Cabinets 100

Rottner Keytronic Key Cabinets 100

Best Key Cabinet For: At home or for small businesses

Capacity: Can hold up to 100 keys

Highlighted Features: It has a mechanical opening in case of an emergency and comes with an electronic lock key with 100 million code possibilities.

The Rottner Keytronic is a stylish key cabinet solution to help you keep all your keys organized without ever losing them again.

With 100 hooks and three different sizes, it's easy for anyone to keep and store your small items without having to put them back in an awkward place.

The models are available to be mounted right out of the box without any tools necessary. All you have to do is screw four screws into each corner which provides adequate support against strong winds and heavy door slams.

Meddikey™ by Medarca

meddikey medarca electronic key cabinets

Best Key Cabinet For: Businesses in various industries like construction, sales, hospitality, and property management

Capacity: 25 locks, but can be scaled to your needs by easily connecting several boxes together.

Highlighted features: Full digital control with a card available to access the cabinet.

Medarca has developed a fully digitalized key cabinet with real-time informational screens that people can access at any time as long as they have secured the proper authorization. The LEDs light up the keys you have access to which helps eliminate any manual supervision.

The Meddikey™ is loaded with intelligent web-based administrational functions and modular solutions to make it easier for you to store and organize keys while also having complete traceability of your assets, bringing safety to an all-new level!

Key Box Plus Key Cabinet with Keypad Lock

Key Box Plus Key Cabinet with Keypad Lock

Best Key Cabinet For: Companies looking for a durable yet stylish key cabinet.

Capacity: Opens up to 50 key fobs and/or 54 key tags

Highlighted features: An opening at the top that allows you to quickly remove the key lock without having to open the door.

You don't have to go through the hassle of fishing for your keys to open this lockbox. Key Box Plus key cabinet has a keypad with an elegant brushed aluminium design that will fit any decor and is durable, so it can last without showing wear or damage from bumps, knicks, and scrapes.

The key box has adjustable keyholes and mounting hardware on top so you can wall mounted them where they are most convenient for yourself, whether high up out of reach or right at eye-level near ground level.

The box also comes equipped with tags, a key control sheet, wall mounting hardware, and a template to help you identify and keep track of all your keys.

Final Thoughts

Key Cabinets are an integral part of any business. Whether you're a small-time entrepreneur or the CEO of a multinational company, key storage is essential for both convenience and security purposes.

Choosing which type of electronic key cabinet to buy, though, can be challenging as there are many options available on the market today. Hopefully, our five recommendations can serve as your guide in choosing the best key cabinet that can meet your needs.

If you need our assistance in selecting the perfect key management solution, you can call our team at 07883 190220 and speak with our security experts.

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