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Getting a key management system just got easier!

Securely connect you with key management providers offering reliable security solutions. Track and manage your keys better with high-quality key cabinets and key boxes.
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If you're looking for a key management system that makes everything easy, then this is the one! My business partners love it too. I highly recommend their digital key management system; they make life so much easier when managing keys!
Jillian Taylor
Business Owner in Lauriston, Glasgow
Key Management UK was able to offer us exactly the type of key cabinet system we were looking for, and they can help out wherever you are in the United Kingdom.
Scott Johnson
Business Owner in Cheetham Hill, Manchester
Key Management UK has made our everyday lives better with its key cabinet system. They've installed a cabinet that can securely store all of our keys.
Michael Wilson
Business Owner in Soho, London

Key Management Solutions For Every Business

total control of your keys

Total Control

Securely store and restrict access to sensitive areas with a simple key system.
easy to use interface

Easy to Use

An efficient and cost-saving solution to manage your keys.
highly scalable key management system


As a business grows and expands, the key systems can scale accordingly.
Experience quality security solutions as we connect you to top key management suppliers in United Kingdom.

Smart Key Management Systems in United Kingdom

We have the perfect solutions for keeping your facility in order. Our team allows you to reach out to professional management that offers organization and security of multiple keys within the cabinets, software, and other real-time accessories so that everyone can find what they need quicker than ever before!

What We Can Offer to Your Business

Experience these security solutions as we connect you with the best smart key management suppliers in the United Kingdom.

trace keys fast

Complete Traceability

Securely store and restrict access to sensitive areas with the help of a simple key system and grant permission only by authorized personnel.
manage your keys better

Easy to Use and Manage

With a simple administration interface for each key management system, it’s easier to manage dozens of keys and monitor key usage for all employees.
scalable solution

Scalable To Your Needs

As a business grows and expands, the systems can scale accordingly without any worries or stress on behalf of management for finding alternatives that work just as well.
flexible authorization

Flexible Authorization

A unique option for companies with large numbers of employees or lots of flexible shifts, allowing the card to be interchangeable between whichever individual has access rights.
Have a reliable key management system installed by one of our security partners.
physical key management solution
About Key Management UK

Who We Are

Keys are an essential part of our safety and security. However, when it gets lost or broken, people find it hard to fix or replace. This is why Key Management UK has made it easier for people to connect with a key management company offering smart key cabinets and highly-secured key boxes.

Our partners cater to various industries like hotel, property management, and construction companies that handle several electronic key management systems to ensure any establishment’s security.

So whether you feel overwhelmed with the number of keys on hand or simply want an easier way to manage them, we at Key Management UK can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a business that needs to store, manage or distribute keys? Our team is ready to help with your questions. Contact us today and we'll give you all of the information you need!
What is key management used for?

What is the primary use of key cabinets?

Why do you need a key management system?

How do you deal with too many keys?

Are your key cabinets upgradeable?

Start saving dozens of hours with a smart key management system!
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