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Electronic Key Cabinet Buying Guide: Tips on Getting the Perfect Security Solution

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Do you know how difficult it is to find a missing key? Imagine trying to locate the key for your shop, or even worse, just finding out that you locked yourself out of your house because you misplaced one.

Fortunately, there are solutions available!

Nowadays, electronic key cabinets are becoming more and more popular as they offer a range of benefits. You can use them to store and organize keys at home or in business establishments. You can even use them to protect your most prized assets.

But along with their popularity, these electronic key cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, so it's vital to learn what type of security storage you should purchase.

Keeping these in mind, we've created an electronic key cabinet buying guide to help you get your hands on these perfect security organizations no matter what industry you're in.

What Is A Key Cabinet?

A key cabinet (or a key safe) is a secure storage unit for keeping multiple numbers of keys in one place. They have been increasingly popular as they offer an easy way to organize and store many different types of keys, including security door locks, car keys, and home remotes.

They are also designed with multiple locks that make it impossible to access your assets and inventories without permission. For this reason, several industries are now exploring their chances with these key cabinets. Some of these industries are:

Types of Key Cabinets

There are two types of key cabinets that you can purchase based on the level of security required. They could either be manual or electronic key safes.

manual key cabinet

Manual or Physical Key Cabinet

A unit that requires physical access such as having to insert an actual key into a slot in order to release it from its place and use it.

A typical lockable storage unit can be mounted to the wall. These are usually made of steel and have between 4 to 12 hooks, depending on the size.

Electronic Key Cabinet

Electronic cabinet systems utilize various electronic sensors and codes to open the door automatically without any contact between the user's hand and the entryway itself; this makes them very difficult for hackers or thieves looking to gain unauthorized access through attempted break-ins.

Electronic safes also have the additional advantage of being able to be mounted on the floor or even directly inside a desk drawer by using brackets.

How Can I Choose The Best Electronic Key Cabinet?

Are you looking at purchasing an electric or manual unit? Does the plan include upgrading from electronic units to automatic ones later on down the road, or do building security requirements change over time?

When choosing a key cabinet, it may be worth considering these features before making a purchase. Electronic key safes are said to be much better in protection and reliability, yet the price tag is usually higher.

They come with features that manual ones do not have. So if you're just like the majority who prefer advanced security features, here are the significant factors to consider before choosing an electronic key cabinet that fits right into your needs.

Key Capacity

The size of the key cabinet matters! Consider how many people will have access to it and how often they use it.

Typically, a general guideline is holding between 15-30 keys for each drawer or slot. But as for personal use, a smaller key cabinet that can hold 13 keys are just fine. But outdoor key cabinets are usually much larger to accommodate outdoor use.

As for business purposes, anything from 25 to 40 will do just fine as long as it's suitable for your needs. Some key cabinets can even store up to 100 keys if that's what you need in your business.

It is vital to choose a key cabinet that will fit all of your keys without running out of space, so you don't lose any.

Locking Mechanism

As a business owner or homeowner, being able to protect your belongings is paramount. This means you need the best locks possible for both security's sake and convenience.

What level of security do you need? How many people will have access to the key cabinet, and how often will they enter?

Electronic key cabinets are usually opened using access codes rather than manually turning handles or knobs. So when choosing a lock type, carefully select one that can give you easy access and won't hinder others in storage!


In addition to a sturdy lock, your electronic key cabinet should be made from high-quality materials such as brass or stainless steel. Neither one of these metals can easily be cut through nor broken, which will you fight against thieves and vandals who might try to break in.


Key cabinets should generally be cleaned every three months to keep them in excellent condition and tested once a week to ensure they work properly. They need batteries replaced at least once every six months.

So before purchasing your next key cabinet, ensure that they are working properly and that the supplier is willing to get them checked, replace, and clean when needed.

key management for businesses

Location and Installation

Where you place your key cabinet depends on how many keys you'll need to store inside of it - smaller ones are usually mounted under a desk or on the wall, while larger ones are put in storage closets, inside desks, and more.

Electronic key cabinets should be placed in an area where they can't be easily accessed by anyone other than the person who has the code and a place that is easy enough for people with physical limitations to open.

Ease of Use

Suppose you have any physical limitations that might make it difficult for you to open the manual lock on your key cabinet. In this case, an electronic one might be a better choice.

They are usually opened using access codes rather than manually turning handles or knobs. They can also be opened electronically from a digital keypad instead of turning the knob-type handle like you would with a manual model.

Other Special Features

Besides the important factors that we've mentioned above, other people prefer more unique features to consider. In this case, you might want to ask yourself the following question about buying digital key cabinets.

  • Besides keys, will you be able to store other security materials such as fobs and cards?
  • Do they have label tags to locate my keys easier?
  • What does it look like? Does it fit right into my interior?
  • How much would I be willing to spend
  • Are these key safes registered in England or your local country?

Where Can I Get Professional Help On Choosing The Best Key Cabinets?

All businesses have keys. If you don't keep them in order, they'll be a mess, and your business could get into trouble if the wrong people end up with access to certain locks.

This is why buying a key cabinet is essential in making sure that doesn't happen - but not every one of these lockers will work perfectly for your company or its employees. You need to find something appropriate before things go beyond your control.

After considering these factors and others discussed in this article, you should have no problem finding a reliable security solution for yourself!

Our experts at Key Management UK can assist you in finding the right electronic key cabinets that fit right into your needs and preferences.

We work with all of the top key management companies in London and have created a simple search tool that will match up your needs with the best fit partner for your business. All without any obligation or commitment, fill out this form and get started!

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