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How To Manage Keys Better At Construction Sheds?

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Every construction site is accompanied by hazards and risks so building a shed from scratch or even buying a ready-made is necessary to protect each worker and maintain a healthy work environment.

But unlike typical garden sheds, construction sheds often serve multiple purposes, such as providing storage space for various tools and equipment or simply being an area where workers can rest.

Without a doubt, construction sites are a difficult place to survive if you do not know what is going on. For example, some construction workers can be overwhelmed by the amount of work they had and sometimes forgot even small things like where they placed their keys.

This makes tasks more frustrating because it would be impossible to start anything without first looking for the misplaced keys that can take hours or days before being found again.

So what happens next? What should a construction company do to avoid this incident from happening? The answer - an effective key management system!

But before we get into that, let's talk more about construction sheds and how they become a staple to construction sites worldwide.

What Is A Construction Shed?

Construction sheds are the most popular storage options at construction sites. These are freestanding structures made of pressure-treated wood and/or steel coated with an exterior durable finish.

managing keys at a construction shed

Some build a shed designed to fit any size lot and in any shape. Yet, they are most often made rectangular with several different beams that support the roof's trusses.

That's right! The shed building boasts several rows of boards (sometimes called joists) that provide plenty of headroom inside the building without compromising its longevity.

Inside, there is an access door located at one end that protects from inclement weather as well as ventilation and insulation properties for hot days at the site.

It's also worth mentioning that the typical construction sheds have an enclosed floor, frame, wall, and roof. This ensures that your property is protected from flooding, leaks, and other unexpected events like harsh storms or hurricanes, which are problematic in coastal areas.

To put it simply, construction sheds are designed to serve multiple purposes, so they're perfect for storing tools and equipment as well as providing shelter to construction workers.

Now, how do you integrate a key management solution in your construction site?

Key Management Systems For Construction Sheds

Every construction companies need to secure their properties and assets. Without some form of the key management system, items inside their business premises will be vulnerable to misplacement, damage, and even theft.

Working at a construction site means various personnel need access to keys, cards, and heavy equipment. Unfortunately, the more people you employ on the site, the harder it will be to track all these access cards and keys that you're going to give out.

The good news by opting to use a key system, you can make it a lot easier for everyone. There are a few ways this can be accomplished depending on how many keys need storage and your preference:

  • A manual key cabinet is handy if you only need a few keys to store. You can place it in an area where everyone can access it. You'll want to put it somewhere easy to reach where people are, so workers don't have difficulty accessing them when needed.
  • When you have too many keys to keep, it's best to get an electronic key cabinet and place the key storage on top of your workbench, on the sidewall, or another flat surface.
  • For those who needs to keep track of their keys in real-time, you can install a smart key cabinet that can be connected to a network.

The security experts in the industry strongly recommend getting key cabinets simply because even though a shed building can secure the most precious item on site, they still need a material that can hold small items like keys.

Some people might prefer manual key cabinets, while some prefer a digital option of simply using a key card to open, store, and hold all your keys for you.

If you'd like to know our recommended key system for construction companies, it's the Medarca Meddikey™.

Medarca Key Cabinets makes key storage and management a breeze. You never have to worry about losing your keys because these smart key cabinets will keep track of all the keys you'll be using with its continuous electronic log, which provides security as well.

This device is also highly scalable - just buy more key boxes and connect them to your network, and problem solved- now there's no limit on how many doors or locks you're able to control from one location.

How Can We Help?

Looking at the construction industry today, storage sheds have become an invaluable part of any project. It is an easily accessible location for storing keys, tools, and other equipment needed at a job site or in case of an emergency.

But in case you need help in finding the right solution to store your keys in a construction site while providing peace of mind about their security, Key Management UK is here for you.

For those looking for more key storage system options, our team of security experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and not worry about anything else.

Click here and fill out our contact form to get in touch with us, or call us today at 07883 190220.

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